Due to us receiving the order and trying to deliver for every occasion, that be any order, on the specified date (we may substitute of equal or greater value) for example: if your request of a particular flower is not available and we’re not able to contact you via the phone number you provided, we will substitute to the closest flower or the closest color we have available.  

Any issues with the quality of our work please let us know via email, phone call (630)299-3080 we will make it right if we fall short to your satisfaction. to cancel orders or to change an order we will do our best to make any changes. However, all requests must be verbal. Email changes or cancellations are NOT accepted. Please call (630) 299-3080


Must it be timed please add a note to order, if no one is home there will be a call and a picture taken to the receiver, and if weather permits will be poached or left with the neighbor if it is too cold neither will be done. We will attempt again another time. 

* during this covid time we will do all deliveries contact-free but if need be we will call ahead.

*delivery to funeral homes will be our greatest priority, that being said, please provide us with the correct information and times are important examples. If you miss the day and time we will deliver it to the family at their home, just call us with any change.   

* any complaints call us within five days of receiving our arrangements and products. 


Sammy Wammy Floral